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Lesieur Old Fashioned Mustard Salad Dressing 500 ml In a reusable bottle Contains no preservatives Made with all natural ingredients Made in Quebec in an old fashioned way Fermented for 3 days at 20 degrees Celsius. Lesieur Old Fashioned Mustard Salad Dressing is a creamy mustard dip with an appealing taste that has stood the test of time. Lesieur Old Fashioned mustard salad dressing is perfect for topping countless salads, or enjoy it with a juicy burger. Made from fresh vegetables and natural ingredients, its unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors and hints of parsley and tarragon are delicious served chilled on your favorite greens. Lesieur salad dressing is now made in France where traditions have been passed down for generations. Lesieur Old Fashioned Mustard Dressing contains no artificial colors or flavors. Perfect for chicken and salads, it is a full-bodied mustard that has been family-made in Lyons, France since 1887. Bring the authentic taste of Old-Fashioned Radish Mustard to your next family gathering, special occasion, or holiday celebration with Lesieur's traditional dressing. It's the perfect addition to your favorite white meat. Not only on salads, also great as a marinade or dip for steaks and chops. Serving suggestions are included on the back.


Eau, huile de colza 16%, vinaigre de vin blanc 15%, LAIT écrémé reconstitué, MOUTARDE à l'ancienne 5% (vinaigre de vin blanc, eau, graines de MOUTARDE, sel, téguments de MOUTARDE, épices), sucre, sel, amidon modifié, jus de citron concentré, épaississant : gomme xanthane, colorant : lutéine, arôme naturel de MOUTARDE.

Valeurs Nutritionnelles

Valeurs nutritionnelles Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100 mL Taux d'apports journaliers pour 100 mL* valeur énergétique (kJ) 763 kJ / 100 mL 9 % valeur énergétique (kcal) 184 kcal / 100 mL 9 % matières grasses 17.07 g / 100 mL 25 % acides gras saturés 1.25 g / 100 mL 6 % glucides 6.61 g / 100 mL 2 % sucres 4.03 g / 100 mL 4 % protéines 0.66 g / 100 mL 1 % sel 2.55 g / 100 mL 42 % vitamine E 0.005 g / 100 mL 38 %


Après ouverture, cette sauce salade se conserve un mois au réfrigérateur

Informations Sur Les Allergies

Lactose - Moutarde

Customer Reviews

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David David

The Rillettes du pork/Mans is a joy
It's my favourite when we're in France I always bring some back in the caravan fridge but obviously due to the quite short use by dates I soon run out so being able to source some in UK is brilliant
Thank you

Laurence Henchley

Un shopping français de chez moi, en Angleterre, livré à domicile, quel bonheur, surtout en ces périodes où nous ne pouvions nous rendre en France.

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