ALSA Preparation gateau flan patissier a la vanille la boite de 2 sachets - 740 g

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ALSA Vanilla custard cake preparation box. Box of 2 bags, 720 g (total). Prepare the delicious custard cake with this package that contains vanilla custard, egg yolks and white sugar. Take a little extra time to pamper yourself with these simple and classic tastes. A vanilla custard cake preparation box of 2 bags is ideal for preparing the best vanilla cake for you and your dear ones. The box contains 6 bags ( 180 g each ) of 100 % natural and high-quality Vanilla flavor, which is a perfect choice for Vanilla cake, cupcakes, puffs, or any other Vanilla food recipe. With a smooth, creamy texture and sweet vanilla taste, the ALSA vanilla custard cake is a favorite of many customers. It comes in two convenient bags, with each bag containing one portion's worth of vanilla custard cake at 200 g. Ideal as a snack or take-out dessert, it can also be enjoyed at home with friends and family. ALSA Vanilla cake mix offers a broad selection of delicious cake flavors that you do not need to mix up to thousand times are prepared in any way you like. Preparation is easy, deliciousness and pleasure are almost guaranteed. Without additional ingredients: without eggs, without butter, without milk, ideal for office break or home sweet home!

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Ingrédients : Du sucre, de l'amidon de maïs, de l'ŒUF entier, de l'amidon de pois, un délicieux arôme naturel de vanille Bourbon, du curcuma et de l'extrait de paprika.
Traces éventuelles de: GLUTEN, LAIT, SOJA, FRUITS A COQUE.

Valeurs Nutritionnelles
pour 100g

116 kcal

3.1 g
Matières grasses

Très bon
1.5 g
Acides gras saturés

Très bon
0.9 g

15 g

Très bon
0.1 g
Fibres alimentaires

0.5 g
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