Amora Organic Red Wine Vinegar Intense Taste 50cl

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Organic wine vinegar Intense Taste of Amora is prepared from the best vinegars of organic Spanish production. Thanks to the exceptional quality of raw materials we can provide a product that has the deepest, rich taste and aroma. Gives the dishes an extra touch if you add it to salad dressing, cook or marinate meat or fish with it, or combine it with spices in cooking. Our Amora Organic Red Wine Vinegar with intense taste, made from Organically grown grapes, is a blend of organic white wine and red wine vinegar. Its re-sealable cap prevents vinegar from going bad. Amora Organic Red Wine Vinegar is excellent for cooking the most delicate dishes, from light sauces to vinaigrettes. Especially recommended for seafood dishes and hard cheeses, and for including into drinks, cocktails and desserts. Vinegar was created in ancient Greece, made from the distillation of wine. The resulting product became a staple ingredient in the home. Amora Vinegar is all natural and created through double steam distillation, which captures its unique fruity quality. Recreated for today as a delightfully classic vinegar without the processed taste of regular vinegars on the market.


Ingrédient : vinaigre de vin rouge issu de l'agriculture biologique.


Afin que votre vinaigre délivre tout son arôme, consommez-le dans les 6 mois après ouverture.

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