Andros Apple Chestnut Dessert, jar 785g

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Andros is an award-winning Greek food company with over 40 years' experience of processing only the best quality fruit. As well as producing a wide range of delicious jams, compotes and sauces, we also produce luxury desserts made from fresh fruit puree – with no added sugar or flavorings. Our apple chestnut dessert is deliciously creamy and rich with just the right amount of sweetness made from just fresh apples, chestnuts with a hint of vanilla. We're big fans of Andros. Their apples and chestnuts come from some of the most famous orchards in France. Andros showcase the best of what their land has to offer. Keep these classic desserts in your cupboard for when the mood strikes you. Their moist, smooth texture, with a subtle flavour of chestnut make them a great pick for anyone who loves their fruit desserts to be chunky & hearty. A delicious twist to the traditional apple and chestnut dessert, Andros yiayia's chestnut semolina pudding has a special place in many Greek families' hearts. As the first dish prepared for this special Christmas season it's tradition to serve Andros' semolina rich pudding with fresh, homemade honey. Enjoy and may your Christmas celebrating be full of joyous family gatherings and mouthwatering traditional delicacies!

Customer Reviews

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Mrs Patricia Hopkins-Whalley

Comme si j’étais au coin de l’épicerie.
Pas gourmets simplement français .
Dans le Nord du RU ils connaissent pas la compote ni les desserts de châtaignes

Trop sucré

Texture top et regressive mais beaucoup trop sucré

Gregory Torrentelle

a recommander

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