Balisto Milk, honey and almond chocolate bars 10x18,5g

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Balisto is a milk, honey and almond based line of chocolate bars. It comes in two different package sizes: a 10x18,5g box or a 7x14g box. The 10x18,5g box contains five layers of milk chocolate with honey-almond spreads in between the wafers on all six sides. Did you know one serving of milk chocolate has nearly 30% of the recommended daily value of calcium, essential for strong bones and teeth? Balisto Honey and Almond Milk Chocolate with 60% cocoa is made from ground cacao beans, which are considered a rare delicacy. Benefits at a glance: - You can actually see bits of honey and almond in our Milk Chocolate - 60% Dark Chocolate (Dark Chocolate) - Milk chocolate contains valuable calcium - The cacao beans used to make it are considered a rare delicacy Balisto chocolate is made with 100% natural products and tastes like real dark chocolate, for a truly indulgent treat. Balisto comes in milk with honey, milk with almonds or plain milk chocolate varieties. Balisto Milk Chocolate and Almond Buttercrunch bars with honey provide a different kind of chocolate experience. Hot and cold milk chocolate, crunchy Almond Buttercrunch and silky almond butter come together in perfect harmony in every bite––a unique sensation! The easy-to-open packaging makes these bars the ideal on-the-go treat.


Ingrédients: sucre, céréales complètes (19%) (flocons d' AVOINE complet, farine de BLÉ complète, farine d' ORGE complète), huile de tournesol, farine de BLÉ, beurre de cacao, AMANDES (5.0%), pâte de cacao, LAIT entier en poudre, LAIT écrémé en poudre, matière grasse de karité, LACTOSE, beurre concentré (LAIT), petit- LAIT en poudre, émulsifiants (lécithine de SOJA, Mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras, Stéaroyl-2-lactylate de sodium), matière grasse de palme, sel, poudre à lever (carbonate de sodium), huile de noix de coco, miel, arômes naturels, extrait naturel de vanille.

Valeurs Nutritionnelles

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100 g valeur énergétique (kJ) 2199 kJ / 100 g valeur énergétique (kcal) 526 kcal / 100 g matières grasses 29.1 g / 100 g acides gras saturés 12.1 g / 100 g glucides 56.8 g / 100 g sucres 40.4 g / 100 g protéines 7.4 g / 100 g sel 0.64 g / 100 g Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 18.5 g Taux d'apports journaliers pour 18.5 g* valeur énergétique (kJ) 407 kJ / 18.5 g 5 % valeur énergétique (kcal) 97 kcal / 18.5 g - matières grasses 5.4 g / 18.5 g 8 % acides gras saturés 2.2 g / 18.5 g 11 % glucides 10.5 g / 18.5 g 4 % sucres 7.5 g / 18.5 g 8 % protéines 1.4 g / 18.5 g 3 % sel 0.12 g / 18.5 g 2 % *Apport de référence pour un adulte type (8400 kj / 2000 kcal)



Informations Sur Les Allergies

Soja - Gluten - Lactose - Fruits à coque

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Le miel et chocolat est un veritable favori pour toute la famille, petits et grands.

Annabel Langhan

Délicieux, mon biscuit préféré!!!

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