Barilla Pates integrale spaghetti ble complet n5 - 500g

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Barilla's newest product with a taste that is sure to surprise you. Wholemeal n°5 pasta made with durum wheat has the perfect amount of fiber, a crispy texture, and a flavorful taste. Barilla brings to you a range of pasta that takes the traditional spaghetti a notch higher. A perfect blend of wholemeal, semolina, and durum wheat along with added vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber ensures that you get all the benefits of a healthy diet. Each box is 500g with 2 servings per pack. We have taken care of your wholesome breakfast, lunch and dinner requirements too. Our wide variety of pasta ensures that you have options to suit every meal of the day. Barilla Wholemeal Spaghetti has a distinct hearty taste that can only be achieved by using the best quality durum semolina and wheat, making the pasta thick and dense. There are no preservatives or additives in the preparation of this product and all the ingredients used are respected for their great taste. BARILLA Wholemeal Pasta is naturally high in fiber and has a gluten-free recipe with the taste and texture you love. To help keep you and your family fit and healthy, BARILLA Wholemeal Pasta contains a good source of protein, is low in fat and has no added salt. It's an easy way to help develop balanced eating habits from an early age.

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Semoule complète de BLÉ dur, eau. Peut contenir des traces de SOJA.

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100 g
valeur énergétique (kJ)
1466 kJ / 100 g
valeur énergétique (kcal)
347 kcal / 100 g
matières grasses
2 g / 100 g
acides gras saturés
0 g / 100 g
64 g / 100 g
3 g / 100 g
fibres alimentaires
8 g / 100 g
13 g / 100 g
0 g / 100 g

Conserver dans un endroit frais et sec.

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