Benedicta Sauces party : bearnaise tartare Pomme de Terre poivre americaine aioli x6

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Benedicta, a company that began with a relentless quest to make the perfect French bearnaise sauce, has evolved in to a family-run firm and is now working hard on what can be described as their own quest. Welcome to the exciting world of benedicta sauces, brought to you by the makers of successful x6 sauces. Benedicta sauces has been produced in family owned and operated facilities since 1885. Today, they are sold in all 50 states and exported internationally. The sauce is so delicious and popular grease stains on your apron is a sure reward for your hard work. Many chefs and food critics have dubbed the sauce as one of the best of its kind. We offer more than 20 different homemadea‚ sauces inspired by the French Provencal cuisine. We prepare tartar, bearnaise and aioli with pride and would be delighted to discuss all the details of these recipes with you. Our sauces are made fresh every day and you can taste their freshness! You are also invited to discover our products of fresh food as speciality sandwiches, croques, quiches, salads... No artificial colors, no preservatives added.

Liste d'ingrédients:

Sauce Béarnaise : Huile de colza, eau, vinaigre d'alcool, jaunes d'OEUFS, sel, sucre, estragon (1,5%), échalotes (1,5%), cerfeuil, jus de citron à base de concentré, piment fort, arôme naturel, amidon modifié, colorant : bêta-carotène.

Sauce Tartare : Huile de colza, eau, aromates (oignon, échalote, persil), cornichons (4%), câpres (3%), vinaigres (vinaigre d'alcool, vinaigre de vin blanc), sucre, jaunes d'OEUFS, sel, MOUTARDE de Dijon (eau, graines de MOUTARDE, vinaigre d'alcool, sel), poivre, amidon modifié, arôme.

Sauce spéciale Pomme de Terre : Huile de colza, eau, , vinaigre d'alcool, CRÈME fraîche de Normandie 2,9% (LAIT), jaunes d'OEUFS, sucre, amidon modifié, ciboulette 2%, sel, stabilisants : pectine, gomme xanthane, arômes, acidifiant : acide lactique, conservateur : sorbate de potassium, antioxydant : E385.

Sauce au Poivre de Madagascar : Huile de colza, eau, vinaigre d'alcool, sucre, jaunes d'OEUFS, sel, poivre noir de Madagascar (2%), armagnac, MOUTARDE de Dijon (eau, graines de MOUTARDE, vinaigre d'alcool, sel), amidon modifié, colorant E150c, bêta-carotène, épaississant: gomme xanthane, arôme.

Sauce Américaine : Huile de colza, purée de tomates mi-concentrée (22%), vinaigre d'alcool, eau, sel, jaunes d'OEUFS, amidon modifié, arômes naturels, sucre, conservateur : sorbate de potassium.

Sauce Aïoli : Huile de colza, eau, vinaigre d'alcool, jaunes d'OEUFS, ail (2,3%), MOUTARDE de Dijon (eau, graines de MOUTARDE, vinaigre d'alcool, sel), arôme naturel ail, sel, amidon modifié, sucre.

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100 g
valeur énergétique (kJ)
1234 kJ / 100 g
valeur énergétique (kcal)
299 kcal / 100 g
matières grasses
27.9 g / 100 g
acides gras saturés
2.1 g / 100 g
7 g / 100 g
0.5 g / 100 g
1.9 g / 100 g

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Bénédicta Sauces party : béarnaise tartare Pomme de Terre poivre américaine aïoli x6