Twinuts Peanut Bacon Flavored Bars 150g

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Tuna and bacon are a perfect match -- which makes Twinuts Peanut Bacon Flavored Bars 150g an ideal snack for when you're on the go. These crispy PB&J-style wafers with real bacon bits are the ultimate energy boost when you're on the hunt for fun. It's bacon, but better. It's not from pigs. And it's kosher. Just add one of these little bars to your sandwich for a burst of deliciousness in every bite. Twinuts Peanut Bacon Flavored Bars are available in a classic 150g pack. Note: This is a kosher food item. It contains no pork or pork by-products but is prepared on machinery that also processes products containing pork ingredients. Twinuts Peanut Bacon Flavored Bars are perfect for those with a taste for something salty and sweet. They’re excellent either as a snack or as a meal replacement, especially when paired with milk, yogurt or an omelette. Twinuts Peanut Bacon Flavored Bars contain 14g of protein per bar, are high in fiber and are suitable for vegetarians. Twinuts Peanut Bacon Flavored Bars contains the sweet and salty scents of roasted peanuts and smoked bacon and is made from 100% natural peanut butter. Enjoy this yummy treat on toast, sandwiches, crackers for a tasty snack.


CACAHUÈTES (38%),farine de riz,amidon de BLÉ,huiles de tournesol,sucre,base aromatisante saveur bacon poudre d'oignon et d'ail, poudre de FROMAGE, arôme, chlorure de potassium, arôme de fumée, acidifiant (acide citrique),sel,colorant (jus de betterave concentré, curcumine)

Valeurs Nutritionnelles

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100 g valeur énergétique (kJ) 2284 kJ / 100 g valeur énergétique (kcal) 548 kcal / 100 g matières grasses 35 g / 100 g acides gras saturés 5.1 g / 100 g glucides 42 g / 100 g sucres 7.3 g / 100 g fibres alimentaires 3 g / 100 g protéines 14 g / 100 g sel 2.8 g / 100 g Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 30 g Taux d'apports journaliers pour 30 g* valeur énergétique (kJ) 685 kJ / 30 g 8 % valeur énergétique (kcal) 164 kcal / 30 g 8 % matières grasses 11 g / 30 g 15 % acides gras saturés 1.5 g / 30 g 8 % glucides 13 g / 30 g - sucres 2.2 g / 30 g 2 % fibres alimentaires 0.9 g / 30 g - protéines 4.3 g / 30 g - sel 0.8 g / 30 g 14 % *Apport de référence pour un adulte type (8400 kj / 2000 kcal)


À conserver à l'abri de la chaleur et de l'humidité.

Informations Sur Les Allergies

Gluten - Lactose - Arachide

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