BJORG Organic prune juice without added sugar 75 cl

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BJORG Organic prune juice is made in Sweden for the home market and comes in a unique design of glass bottles that fits a nice look on the table. The juice is of course organic, fat-free and contains no added sugar. The different herbal extracts and vitamin C are naturally present in the fruit. Now in an even more convenient size than before. BJÖRG organic prune juice is the quick and easy way to support your wellbeing. When you drink BJÖRG, it's as if you're actually eating fresh-from-the-tree prunes. Packed with beneficial fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this natural energy drink is a favourite amongst our customers. The delicious and nutritious liquid gold, that is prune juice, when it is made the right way. The right way is by a completely organic process, the right way is to leave the prunes whole and not turn them into pulp, the right way is to add absolutely nothing extra. That's what BJÖRGS prune juice is all about. You will love our new Organic prune juice - with no added sugar. It is made entirely from organic prunes and contains no additives or preservatives. Our recipe makes it suitable for lunch boxes and you won't even notice the difference in taste.


Jus de pruneaux biologiques obtenu par extraction hydrique


;Après ouverture à conserver au réfrigérateur et à consommer sous 3 jours.

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sapna chabba
Prune juice

Very nice prune juice not to sweet. And it taste great too. The delivery was good too. Quick and efficient


À la hauteur de mes attentes !

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