Ermitage Tartiflette Cheese 450g

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Our tartiflette cheese is great on crackers, sandwiches or with assorted cheeses. It also goes well with grilled veggies, because it melts so well. In the mountains of Savoie, the cheese of choice is Tartiflette. A hard cheese made from cow's milk and melted in a tartiflette dish with potatoes, bacon, onions and cream, this savory indulgence is a winter tradition. Discover a cheese so delicious, it's hard to believe it can only be made at one special moment each year: Tartiflette - the perfect cheese from Savoy, goes well with pot roasts, fish and in winter with Châtaigne potatoes. When we're asked about our most popular cheese, this is always the answer we hear. The most celebrated cheese from Savoie, the land of fresh mountain air and cow's milk. This unique cheese is made by a secret recipe of potatoes, onions and reblochon, using the finest ingredients that are then baked in local hay for over 6 hours. A mouth watering combination of cheese, potatoes and onions. Gravy and optional bacon may be added.

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angela barry

Arrived quicker than expected, great service

Melanie Pickering
Excellent Service et prix raisonnable

Je suis très ravie de ma commande et le service client est absolument excellent. Je suis sûre de recommander très bientôt !

Aurelia Cherradi

Super tartiflette, fromage qui a du goût.

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