Herta Knacki vegetable wheat, egg and peas 210g

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Herta's Knacki is an Austrian favorite, consisting of a savory combination of Herta's vegetable wheat, egg and peas. This product is traditionally served in a casserole with bacon or smoked meat. This vegetable wheat, egg and peas mix from Herta is a hearty, creamy combination made from three different ingredients. The perfect way to start the day. Since Herta Knacki is real food, it contains carefully selected ingredients, and minimal processing adds to the taste nuances that make every meal a tasty event. "Wholegrain with the taste of freshly picked peas." Half a portion of vegetables for a small taste. On the Mediterranean-style dish with herbs and cottage cheese. Rich in fiber, vegetable wheat, and tasty gluten-free oats from fresh peas. In line with the new Swiss food pyramid. Surprise every taste bud with an explosion of flavors. The delightful touch of sweetness from the carrots, peas and corn is created from a selection of carefully chosen ingredients to create just the right mix. Enjoy on its own or with rice. A hearty stew of vegetables, herbs, and beans flavored with garlic and dill. This vegetarian dish is sure to please for lunch or dinner. Open up a new taste experience!


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A conserver à +4°C. Conditionné sous vide. A consommer dans les 2 jours après ouverture.

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John Sullivan

Les Herta Knacki etaient delicieuses. Bien meilleures que les frankfurters a la viande. Je les recommende vivement!

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