Lesieur rapeseed oil grown and produced in France 1l

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Lesieur is 100% vegetable oil made from French rapeseed (canola) cultivated in our farm and produced on our patented manufacturing plant. It is a virgin oil, certified with the label Ecocert Iso 9001. This rapeseed oil has a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, particularly oleic acid normally found in olive oil, which contributes to its health qualities. Its pleasant taste and lack of smell makes it suitable for both nouvelle cuisine and traditional cuisine, whatever your choice of recipes may be. Cook without worry, cook healthy : with Lesieur you are sure of real French taste every time. Lesieur is a family owned business in France. Since the 1920s, the Lesieur family has been growing and producing rapeseed oil, which they still do today. We bottle it here in America because we feel that French customers deserve to get their hands on a French product. Lesieur® is a new concept brand in the category of rapeseed oil. It was founded as in 1999 by 3 brothers working together to develop a premium rapeseed oil. That's how Lesieur started its journey, with determination, passion and common values: quality, tradition and experience.

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