Real beef & mutton merguez 6x55g

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Great on their own or in a tagine with couscous or potatoes, our range of merguez sausages are made using only real beef & mutton, and then flavored by traditional spices. Bring the taste of Tunisia to your home. Cook them in your tagine, in your oven or even on the barbecue. Ingredients : 100% mutton and mix of beef merguez sausages (pork, mutton, lamb). Our all-natural merguez are tasty and spicy, with the zesty flavour of fresh green chili and paprika. You'll find many uses for the delicious hot dog merguez sausages -we like them wrapped in pita bread with spicy tomato salsa and sprinkled with our homemade harissa. 'Merquez-vous' for a delicious taste of Morocco. This gourmet merguez sausage is made in France with European-style lamb and beef. Seasoned with exotic spices and fennel seeds, it makes a great sandwich, perfect for entertaining. Savory Spanish fresh ground sausages with a hint of spice, onions and paprika. Merguez are one of the most popular tapas in Spain, where they are often served with fries or in flatbreads 'y pan'. In Morocco they are eaten in tagines, on skewers marinated in harissa or cooked over coals and in Algeria they're often prepared with butter, eggs and vegetables. They are great eaten cold or hot.

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I C O Garrett

Merguez véritables bœuf & mouton 6x55g

Françoise Stephens

J'ai bien aimé les merguez qui m'ont rappelé la France.

Harald Chesnais


Laure Airault

Super bonnes ! Merci beaucoup !

Melanie Pickering
Merguez comme a la maison

Merguez vraiment de très bonne qualité. Pas de problèmes avec la livraison, tout était très bien emballé.

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