Reflets de France Buckwheat Galettes from Brittany 300g

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Enchanting pancakes from Brittany, France. Reflets de France is made with authentic Brittany buckwheat and slowly baked on the stove in pure butter. This delicious breakfast treat will make you feel as if you are sleeping in a French bed and breakfast. For an economical price, try this scrumptious side item or even a main dish for lunch or dinner. These delicious buckwheat pancakes have been made, traditionally, by women of the Landes region of France and have been passed down through many generations. Reflets de France buckwheat pancakes come in an easy to carry 300g resealable pack. Reflets de France's Buckwheat pancakes are prepared in the traditional way. Made with premium quality ingredients (water, buckwheat flour and a pinch of salt) and without any added emulsifiers or preservatives, they are tasty and simple to prepare. Serve them straight from the pack to enjoy their natural golden color and rich, nutty flavor. Reflets de France buckwheat pancakes are made of 100% buckwheat flour, with no added fat for a healthier and tastier alternative to regular pancakes. Simply mix with water, and fry with oil or butter for Crispy on the outside, light and airy on the inside pancakes.

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Marzena Mangin

Reflets de France Galettes sarrasin de Bretagne 300g


Conforme aux attentes, on s'est régalé !

Annie Charlotte
Tres bonnes galettes

Des galettes sarrasin comme on en trouve dans ma Bretagne natale

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