Nutella x22 biscuits 304g

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Take the delicious taste of Nutella everywhere you go with our hand-sized Nutella x22 cookies. This new and exclusive treat is a family favorite that's easy to share with friends. Enjoy the yummy hazelnut spread topped with crunchy rice cereal, served in a portable box that can be resealed. Take your Nutella journey anywhere by adding this sweet treat to your gifting arsenal for birthdays and occasions big and small. This is an exciting new product from leading spread brand Nutella. The hazelnut chocolate collection combines the well-known flavors of Nutella and chocolate for a delicious snack that tastes like a Ferrero Rocher in cookie form. Nutella, the delicious hazelnut spread, is our inspiration for a new flavor that combines soft, buttery cookies with the creamy taste of Nutella . Milk chocolate shapes embedded with crunchy hazelnuts fill a crisp waffle cookie shell from edge to edge. Enjoy a fresh, crispy, and creamy chocolate wafer cookie filled with Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread. These cookies will transport you to endless happy place where no one is watching the clock. Our chocolate wafer cookies pair perfectly with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Your happiness (and ours) is our goal.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Marie Macnamara
Super yummy

Le paquet n’ a dire que 20mn! Mes enfants malheureusement adorent ce biscuit.
Le seul petit probleme c’est que les biscuits se cassent facilement.

D. Tanguay
Nutella - Biscuit

Vraiment apprécié de la famille! Je vais en commander de nouveau!