Panzani - Pates penne les 3 minutes - le sachet de 500 g

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Panzani penne pasta 3 minutes - 500g in a blue package, is perfect for any occasion or just when you're in a hurry. Panzani Penne is made with the same quality ingredients and pure Italian flavours as Panzani fettuccine, tagliatelle, spaghetti and other premium Italian pasta products. Panzani Penne will give you many delicious moments.  (If you love panzanie penne be sure to check out their current promotion!). What can you do with a 500g bag of Panzani Penne Pasta for 3 minutes? Well, it's more than enough to make all your favorite pasta dishes, such as penne amatriciana and carbonara. But there are plenty of other delicious options too. Penne pasta 3 minutes - 500g bag. Perfect when you are in a hurry, with no effort! The bag contains the perfect amount of water for cooking 500g of penne pasta (1 single portion). Remove pasta from the bag and put it in a saucepan with warm water (use 150ml of warm water for every 100g of pasta), bring to a boil, and cook for 3 minutes. Then drain the pasta (the cooked product is ready to be served), add your favorite sauce, and serve hot. Pasta lovers of all ages will appreciate the creative shapes and colors while cooking this pasta will be just as easy as cooking any other classic spaghetti or penne pasta.

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100% Semoule de BLE dur de qualité supérieure

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100 g
Taux d'apports journaliers pour 100 g*
valeur énergétique (kJ)
1531 kJ / 100 g
18 %
valeur énergétique (kcal)
361 kcal / 100 g
18 %
matières grasses
2 g / 100 g
3 %
acides gras saturés
0.4 g / 100 g
2 %
72 g / 100 g
28 %
3.7 g / 100 g
4 %
fibres alimentaires
3.6 g / 100 g
12 g / 100 g
24 %
0 g / 100 g

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