Pépito Dark chocolate covered cookies 192g

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A delicious treat for the chocolate lover in your family. This box of 12 Pépito Dark chocolate cookies is covered with dark chocolate and has milk chocolate on the inside. Each box is 192 grams and comes packaged like a gift. Awarded 2-star France's Best cookies Pépito is now on sale! This dark chocolate covered cookie brand boasts the goodness of whole grain wheat flour and 3 fresh whole eggs in every little handcrafted cookie. The secret sweetness comes from the higher amount of unrefined sugars used in this product, plus a hint of real vanilla extract. Dark chocolate Pépito cookies, covered with a thick layer of extra-delicious dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has been shown to help normalize cholesterol and enhance mood. Best if kept in a cool dry place and consumed within one month of opening. Pépito is a brand of cookies and confectionery products. It was founded in 1923, in the city of Agrigento, Sicily, Italy. Aprikose (apricot), Nougat and Orange are the most famous Pépito products, but also biscuits with chocolate or lemon. Pépito is made from delicious Belgian chocolate and fresh puff pastry, so you'll get that chocolate centre and those crispy bits you love in every bite. With flavors for everyone, there's a Pépito for everyone.

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