Perrier Natural sparkling mineral water fine bubbles 1l

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Natural sparkling mineral water with fine bubbles. Perrier really does have the most natural sparkling water and the bottle proves it: its perforated for extra bubbles! Bubbles are the exclamation point that adds pizzazz to any drink without overpowering it. Perrier Natural: the only sparkling mineral water which contains bubbles that are formed naturally when carbon dioxide dissolves in the water prior to its maturation. Perrier natural is sourced from the French Alps and remains untouched during its journey, leaving a unique mineral taste as well as health-enhancing properties. Perrier natural is naturally lower in calories than comparable sparkling water and contains over 60 minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium to help hydrate your body in a refreshing way. Pressing its own natural sparkling mineral water, Perrier Natural is crystal clear, refreshing and lightly effervescent. A delicately light and fresh taste perfect for everyday occasions. Open your door to the world of sparkling water with natural and delicious Perrier. Just one sip is all it takes to fall in love with this naturally refreshing taste that quenches your thirst, thanks to its fine bubbles.


Minéralisation caractéristique (mg/L) : Calcium 150 / Magnésium 3,9 / Sodium 9,6 / Hydrogénocarbonate 420 / Sulfate 25,3 / Chlorure 19,5 / Potassium < 1 / Nitrate 7,3 / Résidu sec à 180°C = 456.


A conserver à l'abri du gel et du soleil dans un endroit sans odeur.

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