Poulain Pate a tartiner Cacao noisette 400g

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Impress your family and friends with the pure and delicate chocolate hazelnut taste of Poulain's Hazelnut cocoa spread. (400g) It spreads easily over bread or toast. Spread this smooth, silky and perfectly balanced hazelnut cocoa spread on toasted brioche or toast for a delicious breakfast, brunch or snack. Poulain Hazelnut Cocoa Spread is available in natural 400g bottles that emphasise the purity and freshness of the product. The iconic design of the bottle and packaging closely resembles those used by Poulain. Hazelnut cocoa spread by Poulain is a deliciously indulgent spread made of hazelnuts and cocoa beans, which makes this chocolate spread perfect with fruits and desserts. Poulain Chocolate hazelnut cocoa spread has a delicious, rich flavor that everyone will enjoy! Hazelnut spread is a little sweet. It goes well with your breakfast, toasts, sandwiches, or dessert! You can even use it as glaze for cakes and pastries! Put it on ice cream and cakes or just eat it straight out of the jar. A European delicacy: Poulain hazelnut cocoa spread. Hazelnuts are a prized ingredient throughout the world, and add a creamy velvet texture and subtle hazelnut flavour to this deliciously smooth chocolate spread. Toasted hazelnuts and cocoa are combined with sweet cream and sugar to create a deliciously smooth flavour.

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Julie Clos
La France en Angleterre

Super services et livraison rapide. Tous les produits qui nous manquent à portée de mains.

super bon et sans huile de palme

adoptés par les enfants