ST MICHEL -Roudor palet cookies 150g

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With a delicious and creamy filling and irresistibly crunchy chocolate shell, these bite-sized candies are just right for St. Michel –Roudor fans of every age. Roudor palet are hand-made with the finest ingredients. The cookies contain only wheat flour, butter, sugar and egg yolk. Roudor palet mix and bake in Maubeuge according to the artisan recipe of our grandmothers in a small traditional bakery. "Tasty cookies, crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy in the middle. Hand made in the heart of France and packed with the finest ingredients to create a rich, buttery taste." The cookies are shaped like a flower and are coated with powdered sugar.  Cookies with a crispy crust and caramelized center of hazelnuts, almonds and white chocolate- similar to the ones from the bakery in your neighborhood. Roudor palet cookies, richer and more elegant of the classic Roudor so characteristic. Its top features a bright, smooth taste of hazelnut paste due to its ingredients that was exclusively developed for this purpose. The soft and chewy texture of this vanilla flavored the original Roudor palet cookie is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Crafted with a rich recipe from France, these cookies are sure to become a household staple both for special occasions and everyday enjoyment!

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