Tipiak Fine breadcrumbs 275g

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Directly from the heart of the Loire Valley in France, Tipiak Fine Breadcrumbs 275g are a versatile staple to your kitchen. They are used to make Parmesan-type toppings and crunchy coatings for gratins or tarts, or in shortcrust pastry to support a lattice top. Tipiak fine breadcrumbs can also be sprinkled generously over dishes such as omelets or soufflés that need a crispy topping, or added to mashed potatoes at dinnertime. For the perfect balance of taste and texture when combined with melted butter, these delicate crumbs are delicious for béchamel sauce too. Tipiak's fine breadcrumbs are ideal for preparing a variety of dishes. They're also great for coating fish, poultry and vegetables before frying. Sold in packs of 275g. Tipiak Fine Breadcrumbs are ideal for use as a coating for roast chicken, turkey, grilled fish and for breading cooked vegetables. Tipiak Fine Breadcrumbs are a must-in-the-kitchen ingredient that can be used in many ways. The finely milled Tipiak breadcrumb is available in a versatile 275 gram package. Use it to undercoat meat and fish for frying or roasting, or to coat the bottom of the pan for frying crumb bundles. Made from fresh white bread, it is packed full of flavor.


Ingrédients : Farine de BLE (GLUTEN), sel, levure

Valeurs Nutritionnelles

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100 g valeur énergétique (kJ) 1553 kJ / 100 g valeur énergétique (kcal) 366 kcal / 100 g matières grasses 1.2 g / 100 g acides gras saturés 0.2 g / 100 g glucides 78 g / 100 g sucres 8.1 g / 100 g fibres alimentaires 4 g / 100 g protéines 8.9 g / 100 g sel 1.9 g / 100 g

Informations Sur Les Allergies


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