Tipiak - Graine de couscous parfume aux epices douces 500g

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Tipiak is a product made from couscous seeds which is highly nutritious and easy to use. Coupled with the delicious flavour of cinnamon and sweet spice, Tipiak promises to be a delicious addition to your favorite foods. Couscous is the deliciously traditional Moroccan and Middle Eastern staple made from toasted semolina. Tipiak's couscous is lightly spiced with turmeric, coriander and cinnamon giving this much loved grain a unique sweet taste. Tipiak also makes delicious fettuccine pasta, ready in just 5 minutes of cooking time and make a popular alternative to traditional pasta. Look out for other delicious varieties of Tipiak coming soon to Waitrose. Tipiak is the perfect partner for your couscous, a quick and easy meal that has become a daily favourite in Morocco. Tasty and original, our Tipiak recipe brings together Moroccan flavours to create a cereal-based side dish that can be enjoyed with couscous or warm broad beans, spooned into vegetable tagines or mixed with chickpeas. It is harvested twice a year in winter and summer. The Summer Tipiak crops are dried under the full sunlight and are harvested by hand. After that they are cleaned and stocked in air tight containers before they proceed to world markets.

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Ingrédients : Semoule de BLE dur précuite (GLUTEN) (93%), sel, huile de tournesol, poivrons rouges et verts déshydratés, épices (0,8%), poudre d'oignon, poudre d'ail, arômes naturels, maltodextrine, sucre, poudre de tomate, crème en poudre (LAIT,LACTOSE), zeste de citron. Traces possibles d'œuf, soja, céleri, lupin et moutarde

Informations nutritionnelles Pour 100 g|ml Apports journaliers recommandés (en %)
valeur énergétique (kJ) 1533 kJ
valeur énergétique (kcal) 362 kcal
matières grasses 3 g
acides gras saturés 0,9 g
glucides 71 g
sucres 5,4 g
fibres alimentaires 4,5 g
protéines 11 g
sel 1,3 g

A conserver à l'abri de l'humidité et de la chaleur.
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Commande de couscous

Super service 😃 cela faisait longtemps que j’essayais de trouver ce couscous en Angleterre