Delacre Tea Time assortiment de biscuits fins 1kg

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Delacre Tea Time assortment of fine cookies is a celebration of the four seasons. Created with recipes passed on from generations, Delacre cookies are full of tradition. The whole family can enjoy tea time together. Is your perfect gift for loved ones and friends. Delacre presents this delightful assortment of fine cookies. Indulge in the natural delicacy of our famous tea time cookies. A wonderful gift for anyone young or old. They wont last long, so get your pack today. Tea Time is the delicious assortment of cookies by Delacre, ideal for time with your loved ones. With a hazelnut spread that gives flavor and sweetness to these gluten-free cookies, you will enjoy their raw materials imported from France, as well as the process that provides special care to ensure always its finest quality. The Classic Tea Time Collection is a gift line based on a selection of the most popular cookies from the Delacre line. ___ Microwave ovens  can be used to cook foods. However, to microwave-cook food, you need to protect the containers and make sure foods do not overheat. The chemicals in some plastics can be released into the food when heated in microwave ovens. Disposal of food containers makes it easy to recycle them.

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farine de BLE - sucre - graisse végétale (palme, palmiste, COLZA, NOIX de coco) - chocolat (13%)(sucre, pâte de cacao, BEURRE de cacao, cacao maigre en poudre, LACTOSE, BEURRE, pâtissier, émulsifiant : LECITHINE de SOJA) - chocolat au LAIT (12%)(sucre, BEURRE de cacao, pâte de cacao, LAIT écrémé en poudre, LACTOSE, BEURRE pâtissier, émulsifiant : LECITHINE de SOJA, arôme) - chocolat blanc (3%)(sucre, BEURRE de cacao, LAIT écrémé en poudre, LACTOSE, BEURRE pâtissier, LACTOSERUM en poudre, émulsifiant: LECITHINE de SOJA, arôme) - cassonade (0,9%) - LACTOSE et protéines de LAIT - amidon de BLE - LAIT entier en poudre - dextrose - BEURRE (0,3%) - cacao maigre en poudre (0,2%) - NOIX de coco (0,2%) - sel - chocolat en flocons (sucre, pâte de cacao, poudre de LAIT entier, BEURRE pâtissier, BEURRE de cacao, arôme) - AMANDES - poudres à lever : carbonates de sodium, carbonates d'ammonium, diphosphate disodique - farine de MALT d'ORGE - blanc d'OEUF en poudre - OEUF entier en poudre - émulsifiant : LECITHINE de SOJA - arômes - jaune d'OEUF en poudre - cannelle - colorants : e100,.

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100 g
valeur énergétique (kJ)
2135 kJ / 100 g
valeur énergétique (kcal)
510 kcal / 100 g
matières grasses
25.4 g / 100 g
acides gras saturés
14.7 g / 100 g
64.3 g / 100 g
39 g / 100 g
5 g / 100 g
0.37 g / 100 g

Conserver à l'abri de la chaleur et de l'humidité.


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Great biscuits assortment

These biscuits are delicious, taste so refine and great for special occasions

Jennifer Daily
Excellent service

Very quick delivery very impressed!