What are you doing about covid-19?

We follow all government health guidelines to keep you healthy. Our staff and delivery people wear masks and gloves and we have reinforced all hygiene measures.

My Shopping

How do I check my shopping lists?

Your shopping lists are available in "My account" under the heading "My lists".

How do I create a shopping list?

Click on the list icon on the page of the chosen product. You can add it to an existing list or create a new list.

How do I place my first order?

- Create an account and then do your shopping
- Shop and create an account when you check out

How do I change or cancel my order?

You can change or cancel your order up to 48 hours before delivery.

Log in to your customer account under "My orders" or contact us by phone or email.

I have not received what I ordered. What can I do?

First of all, please accept our apologies! Then contact us by phone or email, we will quickly find a solution.

Why has my product been substituted?

If the item you ordered is no longer in stock when we prepare your order, we will offer you an equivalent product. You will pay the lower price, even if this product costs more than your original choice!


Payment methods

How can I pay for my shopping on Mon Panier Latin?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, eCard, American Express and Paypal.

Can I buy a Mon Panier Latin gift card?

Yes, Mon Panier Latin gift cards are available on the shop for the amount of your choice.


Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, we accept orders from £20. 


My account


How do I create an account?

Click on "Create an account" and follow the instructions.

I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?

Go to this password recovery page, enter the email address associated with your My Latin Cart account and validate. You will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password.

My Products

How can I suggest a product that is not sold on the site?

You can tell us directly by going to the "suggest a product" section.
You can also send your suggestion to our customer service by email by clicking on the "Contact us" link. We will study your suggestions with the utmost attention and will do our best to meet your expectations.

How do you deliver fresh and frozen products?

Respecting the cold chain is our PRIORITY! We invest in refrigerated and isothermal packaging that guarantees the respect of the cold chain in accordance with the regulations in force. We also recommend 24-hour delivery to ensure optimal freshness and freezing of your products from our refrigerators and freezers to your door.

Why isn't there an order summary in my parcel?

We have made the deliberate choice not to put any invoices in our packages in order to limit our environmental impact. After your order has been confirmed, your invoice will be included in the confirmation e-mail.