Stoptou Bonbons La pie qui chante à la réglisse 450g

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La pie qui chante à la réglisse Algeco is a well-known stop to bonbons based in Belgium. Since its creation, you have been able to taste the success of quality and flavour. Introducing a new and exciting lollipop: Stoptou bonbons contain an original and distinctive bubble-wrap candy taste. Each lollipop is wrapped in spun sugar, easy to peel off, as if you were unwrapping a gift. Stoptou bonbons, the sweet that pops! These bonbons will fill your mouth with a strong flavour of grapefruit. The inside of the bonbon has a chewy, elastic consistency and a spicy taste. They come in a cute little box with a picture of a singing bird on it. You will love the strength and bite of these tart candies! The package bursts when opened, just like fireworks will make you smile. Slip into your red holiday apron, pare and dice some apples and fill them in these darling little pie tins! Mmm, these treats are going to be the hit of dinner with friends and family.   These sugar-free bonbons make a delicious treat.  Using only the finest ingredients and no sugar, you will find them pleasantly refreshing, satisfying and of incomparable quality.  They're also fun to eat!


Ingrédients : Sucre, sirop de glucose, mélasse, extrait de réglisse (0,9 %), arôme naturel d’anis étoilé et de menthe. Peut contenir LAIT.

Valeurs Nutritionnelles

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100 g valeur énergétique (kJ) 1635 kJ / 100 g valeur énergétique (kcal) 385 kcal / 100 g matières grasses 0.1 g / 100 g acides gras saturés 0 g / 100 g glucides 96 g / 100 g sucres 76 g / 100 g protéines 0.2 g / 100 g sel 0.1 g / 100 g


A conserver à l'abri de la chaleur et de l'humidité.

Informations Sur Les Allergies


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Livraison rapide et excellent produit

1er Achat de qualite, excellent service clientele.

Mounia S.

Trop bons les Stoptou !!!
Bon goût de réglisse, trop top !

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