10 Lesser Know Facts About French Food that You Cannot Afford to Miss


We’ve all heard of French cuisine, haven’t we? From Pastry, delicate sauces to Tarte Tatin and crème brûlé. Their cuisine is so popular that everyone knows something about it. I bet you can guess the most appetizing french dish from this description: it’s steak!

Facts About French Cuisine

1. More than 1500 types of cheese.

2. Special law for Bread.

3. Brown eggs.

4. Milk is not refrigerated.

5. Raw oysters are special on occasion.

6. On average, a french Citizen consumes around 500 snails yearly.

7. Wine is cheap/ Second largest wine producer.

8. Free Baguettes.

9. Meals in France are extra long.

10. The name of French Food is upon various cities and regions.

Final Words

With the help of this article, you must have acknowledged the marvelous facts of french cuisine. You can get some of the famous french food online itself.

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