Badoit Eau minerale gazeuse rouge intensement petillante 1l

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The brand new Badoit Intensely sparkling red naturally mineral spring water is guaranteed to be the most interesting mineral water on the market. Its unmistakable red colour comes from a cocktail of minerals and trace elements, delivering an intense fizzing sensation in your mouth as soon as you open the bottle. Badoit Intensely sparkling red mineral water is created in the mild terrain of French springs. This extremely pure spring water, with its natural CO2 bubbles, offers all the pleasure of a soft drink while naturally being rich in calcium and magnesium. With a crisp, light taste and a slightly calcareous finish, the intense bubbles of Badoit Intensely are an explosion of the Spring. The water can be drunk cool or at room temperature. It becomes even more delicate and less biting when served at 4°C, preserving all the freshness of the Spring. It's the ideal mineral water for any occasion. Badoit Intense is a sparkling mineral water whose incomparable red color captivates the imagination. This exceptional water is made using centuries-old methods that respect both nature and man's well-being. Badoit Intense, for subtle excitement and true refreshment!

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Minéralisation totale (en mg/litre):

Calcium Ca++ : 153; Sodium Na+ : 180; Magnésium Mg++: 80; Potassium K+ :11; Bicarbonates HCO3-: 1250; Chlorures CI- : 54; Sulfates SO4- : 35; Fluorures : 1,2; Silice SiO2 : 27; Teneur totale en sels minéraux à 180°C : 1100mg/Litre- pH : 6

A garder à l'abri du soleil dans un lieu propre, sec et tempéré


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Packed very well packed very please