Cracotte Crispy chocolate filled sandwich made in France 200g

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Discover Cracotte, a delicious French chocolate sandwich made with crunchy crispy wafer pieces and two layers of smooth chocolate cream. The original and best-selling Cracotte Crispy variety is ideal to enjoy as an afternoon treat or while traveling on vacation. Cracotte is the perfect gift anytime of the year, for children and adults alike. The whole family will love this combination of crispy wafers filled with deliciously creamy milk chocolate. With so many different types of chocolate fillings to try, it's a flavor combination that makes every bite into something special. Even better, Cracotte Crispy is made in France using the freshest and most delicious ingredients, so you can savor the taste of genuine French chocolate whenever you feel like it. Fresh and crispy, the Cracotte Crispy has the texture of a croissant and all the flavors of a madeleine, but it's filled with chocolate. In fact, that's its name in French. Baked in France from a long 40-year-old recipe that uses only the best ingredients, these little gems are perfect for breakfast on the go or for snacking with your coffee. And it tastes great chilled as well.

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