Cristaline Eau de source 1,5L

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The Cristaline Spring water is the result of a natural constant source of mineral rich spring water from the heart of France. Filtered through volcanic rock, Cristaline Water is pure and mineral rich, helping purify your body for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Cristaline is a mineral water produced by renewable energy and bottled on site in the Chateau d'Estou. It tinkles down into deep natural spring water, the rigorously selected one out of 700 springs on the estate, then is filtered through a natural quartz sand bed and undergoes a natural carbonation process that produces carbonic acid. Cristaline Spring Water Limited Edition 4 500ml. Cristaline spring water is perfectly clear because it is protected from man-made and natural influence for millions of years. It contains essential minerals, but still tastes neutral. In the glass it will remind you most of all of naturally flowing water - because its taste comes close anyway. Cristaline's source is a mineral spring in an aquifier located at the highest point of Jura mountains and produces naturally soft water containing 250 minerals that are beneficial to human health. Its unique composition contains up to three times more Calcium than other mineral waters. The water is appealing in color, emerald-green colour with fine, light sparkling champagne bubbles due to the high presence of calcium. The exceptionally low mineralization makes Cristaline one of the most refreshing, thirst-quenching and cholesterol-lowering natural spring waters available