Haribo Chocolate Marshmallows 160g

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New Haribo Chocolate Marshmallows will delight cheese lovers with its Pink serving suggestion. The flavor is a lovely chocolate treat. The texture is soft, melt in your mouth, the marshmallows can be enjoyed by themselves or in other yummy recipes. There are 545g of delicious Haribo Marshmallows per package. You never get enough chocolate treats in your life. Sit down, relax and let the tasty and yummy Haribo Chocolate Marsh mashes being an excellent snack for you and others. Delicious soft and chewy chocolate marshmallows from Haribo. These traditional favorites are just the right size, and perfect for topping hot chocolate or ice cream. The case contains 16 individually wrapped marshmallows – so they're handy to carry around when you're on the go. They make a great sweet treat that everyone will love at a party. Who knew marshmallows could be so incredible? Haribo's got a secret recipe for irresistible, fluffy, and stretchy chocolate marshmallows. Indulge in all the yummy goodness of a soft sweet marshmallow with that irresistible, rich chocolate flavor. These scrumptious chocolate marshmallows are perfect for dipping in your hot cocoa or coffee. Or, enjoy them right out of the bag! These marvelous treats are sugar-free and have 0g of fat per serving.

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