Maille Mayonnaise fins gourmets qualite traiteur 320g

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Maille Mayonnaise combines Maille farmhouse culture, carefully crafted in the Charentes region of France, with rare culinary expertise to create a luxurious mayonnaise. Its fine cuisine taste will greatly enhance any dish. Maille® Mayonnaise Fine is made with pasteurized eggs and fresh cream. These two ingredients are blended into a creamy emulsion and then seasoned with sea salt, white pepper, Tabasco and lemon juice to create that coveted Maille® taste preferred by chefs the world over and essential for so many recipes as a classic French dressing for green salads. Maille Mayonnaise has a rich and creamy taste, the result of a very careful aging process that takes place in the "cellars" of Maille's boutique. In these cellars, the mayonnaise is stored for at least three months in temperature-regulating natural caves whose humidity and constant temperature allow Maille Mayonnaise to mature until it reaches its full flavor potential. It is then bottled in hand-blown glass with gold bands around the neck and a fluted top decorated with the historic Maille family coat of arms.

22 May. Estimated arrival
19 May. Order placed
20-21 May. Order dispatches
22 May. Delivered!

Ingrédients : huile de colza, jaune d'ŒUF de poules élevées en plein air 9,2%, MOUTARDE de Dijon 6% (eau, graines de MOUTARDE, vinaigre d'alcool, sel), vinaigre d'alcool, eau, sel, sucre, acidifiant : acide lactique, arôme naturel de poivre, épices (dont CELERI), antioxydant : extraits de romarin, colorant : caroténoïdes.

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100 g
valeur énergétique (kJ)
3018 kJ / 100 g
valeur énergétique (kcal)
721 kcal / 100 g
matières grasses
78 g / 100 g
acides gras saturés
6.5 g / 100 g
1.1 g / 100 g
0.9 g / 100 g
fibres alimentaires
0.6 g / 100 g
1.9 g / 100 g
1.1 g / 100 g

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