Malongo Ground coffee la tierra pure arabica 250g

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Malongo Ground Coffee is a 250g bag of 100% Arabica coffee. As the best quality and most popular coffee in terms of taste, we often stock this and recommend it due to its fragrant, full-bodied flavor and smooth finish. This is our best seller and often wins taste competitions around the world. We hope you enjoy our Malongo Coffee and look forward to your comments. Malongo Coffee is divided into three types. The type of arabica coffee beans that Malongo Ground ores is called "la Garradora" with very dark and thick beans and a smooth aromatic flavor. This coffee is rainforest grown at an altitude of 1500-1800 meters, ensuring it's clean, rich taste and quality. The blend is smooth and aromatic, great for everyday use or any special occasion. Malongo is 100% Arabica, all natural, medium-roasted and ORIGINALLY GROWN in Africa. Malongo coffee has a subtle yet distinctive flavor with powerful aromas. It has a balanced body and a delicate acidity that makes it highly complex. Coffee is grown and harvested on the Malongo farm in East Africa where it is washed and pulped. It is then shipped to the factory in the west of Uganda where it is then roasted, blended and packed into bags.

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