Panzani Coquillettes cuisson rapide 3min 500g

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Panzani Quick Baking Shells are ready in only 3 minutes, saving time without compromising on flavor. These baking shells are a convenient alternative to fresh pasta shells and can be used in any recipe that requires fresh pasta sheets. Simply prepare the pasta dough (see Panzani recipes) and spread it into one of Panzani's Quick Baking Shell molds. Panzani Quick Baking Shells come in 10 portions and are ideal for preparing a delicious, homemade tasting Italian style dessert in just a few minutes! Only three minutes are needed (in the microwave) to enjoy a soft and creamy filling finished off with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Get the freshest baked focaccia taste with Panzani Quick Baking Shells. Crafted from high quality ingredients, these Italian inspired shells are kneaded, shaped and baked in under 3 minutes for maximum freshness. Made with 0 trans fats and just 60 calories per serving, these layered style focaccia shells offer a healthy way to eat your favorite Italian meals. Quick Baking Shells from Panzani's Master Series bake in just 3 minutes, eliminating over-baking. Fill shells with whatever you like, carry out for a gourmet twist on a quick meal and serve to your guests, or take it in the family. Whole wheat contains 3x more fiber than white flour!

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100% Semoule de BLE dur de qualité supérieure

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100 g
Taux d'apports journaliers pour 100 g*
valeur énergétique (kJ)
1531 kJ / 100 g
18 %
valeur énergétique (kcal)
361 kcal / 100 g
18 %
matières grasses
2 g / 100 g
3 %
acides gras saturés
0.4 g / 100 g
2 %
72 g / 100 g
28 %
3.7 g / 100 g
4 %
fibres alimentaires
3.6 g / 100 g
12 g / 100 g
24 %
0 g / 100 g
*Apport de référence pour un adulte type (8400 kj / 2000 kcal)

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