Panzani Pates Torti epinards & tomates 500g

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The first thing to say about Panzani's Spinach & Tomato Torti Pasta 500g is that its taste is so good, you'll serve it to your guests or keep it to yourself. The torti variant of the ever-popular tortellini pasta means the filling is scattered through the dough in little nuggets, adding texture to every bite. Hand made Spinach & Tomato Torti with Lemon Zest Pasta 500g Panzani sauces are the creation of the master bakers at Panzani. They are made using the finest ingredients, carefully blended and cooked with love by generations of chefs who have inherited the skills and techniques passed down through the ages. Tender strands of spinach and firm tomato, coupled with the subtle taste of garlic and notes of nutmeg, wrapped in a rich Morroccan tomato-based sauce. Torti pasta from Panzani is a unique shape,, and renowned for its soft folds that release separate single strands. Our spinach and tomato torti pasta is a simple and tasty combination of spinach, tomatoes & olives in a creamy sauce. This pasta is delicious mixed with penne or rigatoni. A small bite of heaven. Whether its dinner time or couch-potato time, our Spaghetti Torti always satisfies hunger pains. Packed with spinach and tomatoes, it will make dinner a little more exciting for you and your family.

21 May. Estimated arrival
18 May. Order placed
19-20 May. Order dispatches
21 May. Delivered!

Ingrédients: Semoule de BLÉ dur de qualité supérieure, tomate (0.9%), épinard (0.5%) Si le lot contient la lettre N: peut contenir de l'ŒUF.

Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100 g
valeur énergétique (kJ)
1503 kJ / 100 g
valeur énergétique (kcal)
355 kcal / 100 g
matières grasses
1.8 g / 100 g
acides gras saturés
0.4 g / 100 g
70 g / 100 g
4.2 g / 100 g
fibres alimentaires
3.2 g / 100 g
13 g / 100 g
0 g / 100 g

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