Vichy Celestins Eau minerale naturelle gazeuse 1.15l

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Keep hydrated while on the go with Vichy Celestins Natural mineral water. Get enough calcium and magnesium with each serving, taste the difference of this refreshing water, and stay fit and healthy throughout your day. The perfect mineral balance of rich Vichy Celestins Natural Mineral Water is obtained through a special process. It is filtered through natural volcanic, limestone deposits to guarantee the absence of any residue and to give it that pure taste. We all know that drinking natural mineral water is good for our health. Now it’s even easier: Vichy celestins are naturally enriched with calcium and magnesium, an essential mineral source for over 30% of the population. New from Vichy’s high-performance water collection, Celestins is naturally enriched with minerals from the French Alps. Naturally, these minerals have been carefully sourced and added during the bottling process, so you can trust that you’re really getting a boost of antioxidant activity. Discover elegant mineral water from the Vichy region in France, containing a low concentration of minerals for an exceptional taste. Natural mineral water, with its rich composition, is rich in calcium and magnesium, which contributes to the maintenance of tooth enamel and healthy teeth. Most mineral waters are sparkling and contain naturally occurring carbon dioxide, resulting in a unique taste.

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Eau Minérale Naturelle Naurellement Gazeuse

Conserver cette bouteille de préférence à l'abri du soleil, dans un endroit propre, frais et sans odeur.

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Jeremy Sayers

The product is excellent, just as I used to enjoy it years ago, and the delivery service was quick and efficient.

It satisfy my appetite...

I am drinking this water since I had had an important operation - I was recommended to stay @Hydrate@ - This water is perfect to the scope flavoursome and well mineralised - This is why I will keep ordering every forthnight; Dr Tito Spaldi